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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Magnificent Seven

Here's a killer 45 I found in Posrtsmouth NH's Odyssey & Oracle record store (unfortunately now closed). I guess it was some musical serendipity that I found this in a store named after the psych rock masterpiece by The Zombies (easily one of the best groups from the '60s, and in my opinion, ever). I had never heard of The Seven, and a single that only has two covers was questionable, but the tunes are choice; side A is a cover of the Zombies' classic "Tell Her No", and the B-side is the Blue Note jazz standard "Song for My Father" written by Horace Silver.

Turns out The Seven are some skilled rockers, showing off progressive arrangements, soulful vocals, and some great horns and organ. Besides the covered artists, I'd guess these guys were also big into the Rascals and Vanilla Fudge. Check these out:

I can't find much info at all on this 45, but there is a write up about The Seven, courtesy of The History of Syracuse Music blog.  Both tunes seem to appear on their only LP but in extended form.


  1. Thanks guys for this wonderful acknowlegement.
    As the guitar player and vocalist of this group,"The Seven"I sincerly thank you for your attention and promotion of a captured time, that really was special for original musicality,and an energy very unique,to this day! Great site guys . Keep up the classy work !
    True; Chuck E Wheeler>>

    1. Our pleasure! Are you still making music?

    2. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I had their vinyl LP back in the 80's and really enjoyed it. So nice to listen to these 2 awesome covers again. I went to high school with Dana, who was Chuck Wheeler's step-brother, I think... Small world!